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Personalised & Thorough Onsite Inspections

Tailored to suit the age of the property, your building reports will help you avoid any nasty surprises once you've moved in.

Buying a new home?Don't buy a lemon

Get insights into necessary repairs, reveal any areas of the home that are unsafe more than just pinpointing missing balustrades and cracks in walls.

Licensed & Qualified Easy to Understand Reports

Find out exactly what needs to be done to bring your building up to standard, before putting it on the market.

Fast Reports

Guarantee quick turnaround report times as early as the same day.

Experienced & Qualified

Qualified to bring you the right advice.

Affordable Prices

With stellar quality comes reasonable pricing, we also offer potential cashback on certain jobs.

Professional & Personable

We know homes and how they're supposed to be built.